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Default Re: Retiring Baby Boomers Fuel Two-Channel - Sales Surge in 2007

OK, I read all the above. My turn. Lamentations. Lamentations.
Xorbitman wrote, "Most consumers like me that have CD collections numbering over 500 cds (in my case over 1000) were reluctant to throw it all away to start over with SACD."

To that I say, you don't have to throw away anything. You just need to look for the album you want in DVDA/SACD first, then if you don't find it, get the CD. In other words, build your library, from here on out with DVDA/SACD in mind as the prefered augmentation to your existing library.
"Secondly regarding BOSE....carefull what you say here...."
No highs? no lows? Gotta be Bose.

Deacongreg wrote "The only hope I really see, is with companies like Onkyo, Denon, Pioneer, and Yamaha continuing to make great home theater receivers at reasonable price points, that those into the surround sound craze, once they have their HD DVD or Blu-Ray player and hear what it sounds like, maybe this will peak their interest in high res audio."

This may be our only hope Obi Wan. Bleak as that sounds.

jotham wrote, "A studio generated rip in a high level of quality for a fair price of $5-7 would just stream money out of my pocket."

Everyone listen up who hasn't tried this site yet. MusicGiants

These guys rock and could use our support.

I was born on the cusp. 1964. It's an odd place to be. I own all the good formats of hardware and the crappy ones (I just make sure my mp3 player can play FLAC). The music world is looking bleak. Lamentations.
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