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Question Why does everyone hate firmware updates?

I'm seeing a lot of this here mostly in regards to Blu-Ray players & I don't understand the problem especially in this forum.

My system is rather modest in comparison to most on this forum but I have 3 pieces of gear that get regular firmware updates & I don't have a problem with that.

1. The Playstation 3.
I've gotten updates for the PS3 I'd guess about every 6 weeks since it's release, each one gave the PS3 new capabilities it didn't have when released or fixed some bug.
Not all were Blu-Ray related but many were & I can understand that because the Blu-Ray spec is still developing, I'm glad to get updates on it because that keeps it current & I don't have to replace it to get the benefits of the developing specs as they come out.
I wonder how many people will be complaining they have to get a new player to get the benefits of Blu-Ray version 1.1 while my PS3 only requires a firmware upgrade?

2. DirecTV HR20 HD-DVR.
As anyone who has had this box since it's release knows the monthly national firmware upgrades were at the beginning to fix the many bugs this receiver had, for the most part this is now a very reliable receiver thanks to those updates.
I have been getting firmware updates almost weekly as I am helping with the beta testing on these, it's a double edged sword.
While I get to play with new features before most people ( OTA antenna, remote booking, Video on demand, etc) some of these betas are very aggressive & can make it buggy again ( that's why it's a beta!!) we are early in the current cycle & I am anxiously waiting tonights download to fix some bugs in the last one!

But since this box can be updated we got it in home much earlier than would have been possible & are getting new functions on a regular basis.

DirecTV has the best update for Joe 6 Pack, it's done automatically when the receiver hasn't been used for a while, usually early in the morning.

3.Denon AVR3808ci.
Now this is my newest piece of gear so I don't have a lot of info on it's updates yet.
I haven't had it long but it has had 2 updates so far, I don't really know if they should have called updates or stealth updates though.
None of them has been "Officially" announced, they are redoing their website to allow for notification & explanation of the updates but right now you kinda have to search them out on your own.

My bottom line is this.
Firmware upgrades are a good thing!
It gives your equipment new cababilities it didn't have when you bought it & can correct any bugs that are present (& what piece of electronic gear doesn't have some kind of bugs?).
In the long run it saves you $$$$ on constantly upgrading your equipment & saves you headaches by fixing any bugs that pop up after a product has shipped.

Face it people, firmware upgrades have been around for a long time (windows updates, etc) & with the new gear being so complicated & new developments in specs & the fact that most of our gear is now connected to a computer, firmware upgrades are here to stay.
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