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Default Re: Retiring Baby Boomers Fuel Two-Channel - Sales Surge in 2007

Thanks, I appreciate the considered response.

It's possible that some folks listened to Radiohead and decided it wasn't their cup of tea. Many, many times, I pay $15 for a CD and find out it has one good song on it if I'm lucky.

I went to Bittorrent to download some music that I thought I might like. I liked about 25-50% of it and went and purchased the CDs. The rest, I haven't listened to but I figured I would give some of it another try and see if it might be more to my taste the second time around.

Perhaps I'm an anomaly in that I'm willing to purchase music I already have but I don't necessarily think so. I do feel that paying $12-15 a CD is still a ripoff but I don't have much of a choice morally.

I'm trying to explain one person's purchasing psychology (myself) and you're attacking my morality. Please feel free to contact the RIAA and reference this post so you can complete my impression of your worth.

I purchase approx 90 CDs per year so I believe I've paid my dues to this debate.
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