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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Originally Posted by Mornelithe View Post
In my opinion, Microsoft and Toshiba lost this war when MS made the HD attachment to the 360 optional, as is shown with the PS3 outselling the Xbox 360 + HD Attachment 9-1. You can call the PS3 a gaming console, if you so desire, but the facts are that Sony had much more in mind than just gaming when they created the PS3. So, the simple fact remains that a multi-purpose product, that includes HD support, on a medium that holds the largest amount currently, is helping the BR camp dominate the HD camp. I fail to see how this is a surprise to anyone.


Additionally, if we're talking numbers, the recent creation of the 4-layer 100g Blu-Ray disc, and the announcement of the 8-layer 200g Blu-ray disc, are quite promising for the BR camp. Oh yeah, and BR hit the 1M mark in Europe for sales. That number, did not include PS3 software titles which would've added another 21M to that total. But, they aren't movies (Unless you count Heavenly Sword), so not applicable. - For more info.

Right Sony added BD to the PS3 and because of that are in 3rd place in consoles. They aren't winning that war and they aren't going to unless something happens. In fact I'd say it has hindered it.

The 100GB and 200GB discs are nice for storage. That could help BD in the computer market and should if they can get burners out at an affordable price that burn affordable 200GB discs.

Is it going to matter to the home media market? Not really. I think everyone can admit that 50GB is about all you need to fill a title up with a nice video transfer, a couple nice audio transfers, some compressed audio transfers, and loads of extras.

Would it help to put more episodes of a TV series on one disc? YES. Will it matter with movies? Nope.

So with HD DVD showcasing the 51GB discs at CES they'll be on an even playing field with disc size. Plus the 34GB discs will be popular as well.

BD is not dominating anything. A near 2 to 1 software sales edge for the year is not domination. In hardware they're currently behind by 33% in total sales to date in stand alone players. That number is growing every week.

The PS3 worked to make sure that BD won't die like the other formats Sony had before it. However it hasn't made them dominate or win.

Cheap players are going to decide this silly war. Right now the A3 is selling for around $180 online and $200 at stores. Stores are still making money selling them at $200. Toshiba has the ability to drop the MSRP to $200 and sell the unit for $120 to dealers and still be in the black. That will happen before the A4 comes out, and that will likely be the unit that hits the under $150 price point that will end the war.

Cheap sells. It's a shame because I cared more about bitstream than disc size.
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