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Default Re: Retiring Baby Boomers Fuel Two-Channel - Sales Surge in 2007

Originally Posted by jotham View Post
We know what we want and are willing to pay for it. You just haven't figured out what it is and seem to be under the impression that we are thieves. We aren't thieves, we just hate being screwed. We perfectly understand the economic realities of the digital economy.

Apologies for my diatribe
No you're a thief. You download illegal content and thus are breaking the law. You're stealing money.

I won't argue that you're feeling forced to steal because the music studios are ripping you off. I admit the labels are doing this to themselves.

But look at Radiohead. They say "pay what you think it's worth," and they do it right. Did people pay? Nope. Most took it for free and ran.
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