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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

In my opinion, Microsoft and Toshiba lost this war when MS made the HD attachment to the 360 optional, as is shown with the PS3 outselling the Xbox 360 + HD Attachment 9-1. You can call the PS3 a gaming console, if you so desire, but the facts are that Sony had much more in mind than just gaming when they created the PS3. So, the simple fact remains that a multi-purpose product, that includes HD support, on a medium that holds the largest amount currently, is helping the BR camp dominate the HD camp. I fail to see how this is a surprise to anyone.


Additionally, if we're talking numbers, the recent creation of the 4-layer 100g Blu-Ray disc, and the announcement of the 8-layer 200g Blu-ray disc, are quite promising for the BR camp. Oh yeah, and BR hit the 1M mark in Europe for sales. That number, did not include PS3 software titles which would've added another 21M to that total. But, they aren't movies (Unless you count Heavenly Sword), so not applicable. - For more info.

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