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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Originally Posted by DC solah View Post
One indication of the market tilting one way or the other that I haven't seen much about yet involves inistallation of equipment in some of the places we now take DVD players for granted. How many people out there never consider travelling without their laptops or portable players in tow? Moreover, when are we going to see a commitment by car makers like Honda, Toyota, and Chrysler to put a new type of player in their minivans for all the kiddies to watch? What good does it have to own Spider-man, Shrek or Pirates in HD/BR if you can't watch it on the way to Grandma's for the holidays?
This is a good point, but to be honest how long did it take to get DVD players in the vehicles? Those didn't really start showing up until what 2004 as an option on most family vehicles? That is 7 years into the DVD cycle.

Knowing how much markup they put in them we wont see it until they can put a unit in a vehicle for $300 and then charge $1500 for the option. So we're a ways off.
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