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Default Re: Retiring Baby Boomers Fuel Two-Channel - Sales Surge in 2007

Originally Posted by westcott View Post
I disagree. Most baby boomers do not even know what DVD Audio or SACD is!!!!
They never chose iPod, it was poured down their throat with strong marketing to poorly informed consumers. Can you say Bose?

The reason high quality audio solutions died was because of competition between themselves, lack of remastered music that baby boomers wanted to hear, and a lack of support from hardware vendors for the new formats.

I do agree that good audio quality is less important than bragging rights over how many songs one can fit on an iPod to the x generation, and many baby boomers but if this conclusion was entirely true, CD's would be dead too!
I'm glad that you disagree however I am a baby boomer born in '56 and almost all of my friends know what DVD-A and SACD fact they even know what HDCD is too. I have owned many stereo systems in my life so far. I started in the '70s with a Marantz receiever, Cassette Deck, Benjamin Elac Turn Table and Shure Cartridge. In the early 80's I switched to a Harmon Kardon Receiver that was probably running in Class A as it was so hot you could almost fry eggs on it if you left them on there long enough! LOL! After that in the mid 80's I had a NAD Integrated pre-amp with a Rega Planar Turntable and POLK RTA-20 speakers...they were the top of line then. I traded in my Rega tone arm for a Grace tone arm made from Carbon Fiber when hardly no one even knew what carbon fiber was. I also had a Shure cartridge which I later switched to Grado which I still own a musuem piece. Later I bridged my NAD to MONO and added a Second Nad amp and a Proton Tuner. After that it was Parasound and Yamaha....Not long ago I upgraded to Pioneer Elite (as a processor) and Paradigm Studio Monitors with AC3 and DTS THX capablility. I am using a Museatex Meitner 100 power amp for my center channel (bi-Amped) and a SimAudio Moon amp for my fronts. My next aquisition...I will be moving my Pioneer Elite upstairs to my living room as a companion to my 32" Samsung LCD HDTV with Totem speakers. I will be selling my Paradigms and starting over completely in my Hometheater system and will be looking for new components. My speakers will also be TOTEM's. My monitor will either be a top of the line Panasonic Viera or the new Pioneer Plasma 50". I have also been a musician since age 7 when I started piano lessons and have over 40 years experience in this area. I have a setup that includes Korg, Yamaha, Rolland, M-Audio, Boeringer and a new Mac. During the 70's I worked in Radio both at the University level and later in the early 80's I was a professional week-end DJ on the graveyard shift with a local popular Radio station here in Montreal and I used to do mobile DJ services. Today I have a software company that specializes in QA and I am a MFG rep in the industrial electronics business (My fulltime job since "95). I understand the concepts of Marketing almost as well as the next person however I have to disagree with you regarding having IPODs shoved down one's throats. Trust me...a product will not succeed if it had no appeal no matter how good it is. Finding the right balance between price and performance is a key to successful marketing strategy! Case in point: Look what is happening with the Sony Playstation 3. We all know it is the superior gaming system however the price is/was prohibitive...they should have come out with a unit based on the popular DVD format with a migration capability to BLUE RAY....but that's Sony. Blue Ray is hanging on however will it also go the way of SACD and Betamax? SACD failed not only because of a unified failed because of a lack of demand for the discs. Most consumers like me that have CD collections numbering over 500 cds (in my case over 1000) were reluctant to throw it all away to start over with SACD. Secondly regarding BOSE....carefull what you say here....they mfg some of the best OEM automotive systems out there. Acura TL and the Nissan Maxima have fantastic sounding BOSE systems. Apple did not use BOSE to creat the marketing campaign. It was the CHASM Institute that created the whole IPOD image......oh and BTW you'd be amazed at the quality a regular CD can reproduce if engineered properly! Most pop stuff is purposely engineered for the FM/Automotive market as it is overly compressed, filtered, limited and then engineered to sound best in an automotive environment! (Garbage in/Garbage out)

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