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Default Re: Canton Introduces Two-Way Monitor in Vento Reference Line

There is a small company in KS that goes by the name of Induction Dynamics.I believe they
make one of the best 3 way speaker I have ever heard and being a Cedia installer I've
heard many different brands.Fit and finish are superb and the sound is Neutral!.They tend to be a little in your face but in a way that draws you into the music.Though relatively hard
to find,you can go to their website,I believe and this is personal opinion,they are one of
the biggest bargains in High-End sound out there today.On Par with Revels,Cantons,B+W,
etc at lower price points and custom built with your choice of veneer or standard finish's.
There are a ton of awesome sounding speakers on the market,for the money ID puts their
money in the product,not advertising.Just my humble opinion.Good listening everyone
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