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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
The software edge does matter to the studios.

The studios can & will ignore that as long as Blu-Ray is outselling HD-DVD 2-1!
The studios don't make a cent off of hardware, they want to sell software & if the people that bought all of those $99 HD-DVD players won't spend $30 for a HD-DVD movie & are instead using it as an upconverting DVD player the studios could care less how many of those are sold as long as more people are buying Blu-Ray movies.
Actually right now the numbers **** off the studios on both sides. They're horrible numbers and about 1/10th of what Sony said they'd have sold by this time. On the HD DVD side they're about 2/5ths of what Toshiba was predicting.

Numbers are no where near where a Studio cares. Twice as much nothing is still nothing. That seems to be the thing that most BD backers seem to not get.

The Studios care about hardware sales because their Research Groups have found that if one gets to Point A, then sales of an X Quantity are possible. Right now neither side is anywhere near Point A. The one closest to it is the one that looks prettier to them.

Sony made them believe that PS3 sales were going to flood the market with BD software buyers, but the numbers have been no where near what Sony thought they'd sell in PS3 hardware or in attachment rates.

DVD software sales are down. Studios badly want a new DVD craze.

Sales right now are a drop in the bucket. The one with the 1M sized bucket will win. You can claim Studios don't care all you want but if you hunt through statements from the likes of Bob Iger you will see them state that if HD DVD reaches 1M players first they'd be foolish to not invest in both.

I personally think Paramount and Dreamworks are idiots. By being neutral they were dipping in both buckets. However MS paid them money so they'd get their cake and eat it too.
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