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Default Re: Blu-Ray wins on Black Friday week.

HD DVD did well too according to numbers. The real big numbers were the hardware numbers where HD DVD was in the 70% range compared to BD. Sooner or later the growing lead in stand alone player sales will be noticed despite PS3 sales. Stand Alones have a higher attachment rate and the growing number of stand alones is significant over BD.
On *average*, stand-alones have higher attach rates with disc sales compared to the huge number of PS3s in homes. However, if one could track sales to those with PS3 who are collecting/buying HD discs, it's probably about the same... just like folks with the 360 add-on are buying movies at the same rate as those with stand-alone HD DVD hardware.

The catch with the PS3 is that you can't know for sure how many PS3s are being used for significant movie playback because all PS3s play BDs. whereas only 360's with the "add on" play HD DVDs (and you can track the add-on sales to know that number).

And I maintain that the players are the important part of this war. If one side or the other can prove they have more than a million stand-alone players sold in the market, the studios cann't ignore that.
The bottom line for a studio is how much software they are selling. Whether that's one person buying a million discs or a million people buying 1 disc makes no difference.
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