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Default Re: Onkyo drops HD DVD player...

Right but you're the one who lied about Onkyo "dropping HD DVD player," when it was the Italian Distributor who wouldn't be importing.
No. I didn't lie. The article didn't say it was the Italian distributor's decision. They said it was Onkyo's decision.

Onkyo has difficulty in positioning its own player (the Europe list price is 899 euros) and has therefore decided to stop production. The scarce units produced have been redistributed in varios markets. It has been known that barely 11 units arrived in Italy, and no others will come. Germany has been more fortunate, with 20 units, and Spain will receive none.
Have I accused you of lying? You've given more misleading misinformation in these threads than any other single poster (this being yet another example) yet I've avoided accusing you of lying in spite of it. Please resist calling me a liar when I'm at least relaying an article as it's written.

Yeah I read the story which has no comments from Onkyo themselves. I also know that Onkyo is shipping units here. One of the family businesses is a store, and they are expecting the players next week at the latest. Onkyo reps are saying the numbers will be limited but that has more to do with demand than anything else. It's a high end HD DVD player and the majority appear to buy the cheapest. They never expected to sell high numbers of either side. I feel you should accept Onkyo's word (and press releases) over a poorly written and investigated piece by some small Italian mag.
If that turns out to be true, it doesn't make me a liar. It makes the Italian article inaccurate. Time will tell. If Onkyo has indeed ceased shipments to European disctribution chains, it will become clear by other channels.

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