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Default Re: Price vs. Performance

Originally Posted by starvinmarvin View Post
You state at the very top of this Forum that:

"Speakers No single component in your rig impacts your sound more. Discuss anything and everything about speakers here."

No offense, guys, but you are mistaken. The source component absolutely has the greatest impact and defines the maximum quality of any audio system, not the speakers!
I tend to agree mostly with Andrew.

The general sound quality of today low and midrange speakers is in my very own opinion awful. If you use a quality source, you cannot stand what comes out a cheap pair of speakers, unless you want to take many compromises. Es. good sounding bookshelves can be acquired for about less the money needed for a decent pair of towers.
Going to the used market helps on this.

A mid-level source (and amplification) paired with a mid-level pair of speakers that u can find on the market now will sound decent, but if you try to replace the source and the amplification with something high-end, you will hear ALL the limits of the cheapo speakers.
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