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Default Re: What is the best Blu-ray player on the market right now?

Originally Posted by Tee View Post
Read this (linky) about the upscaling.

Keep reading the thread, you will find many owners have no issue as i w/ this players upscaling performance. Really excels?! Look at how many people are dropping the Sammy for the BD30 due it not working properly. Also if you can remember DVD went down this same road when they dropped internal decoding and went to bitstream. This is nothing new in the world of progress, yeah it sucks but it is what it is. Ok the BD30 is the best stand alone if you don't need internal decoding, other than that to me it lacks nothing!
AVS is filled with a lot of people who just lie about their gear. They feel a need to justify their purchase on the internet. It is also a major site filled with complainers. Anyone who has ever had a lemon posts there and they post often. The Samsung 1400 is a really strong unit and while there may be defects out there (on both sides) the amount of posts on AVS with people saying they traded it in, etc. are well more than likely bogus. AVS was once a great place where you could talk technical about units and it was filled with ISF types, and now it's just a cesspool of misinformation for the most part.

Anyone who has run tests on the Panny can tell you it fails many deinterlacing tests. I don't like bad mouthing products because some people may own them and it can become a nightmare online to read responses. I've been egged on by some here to point out which players are "poor," at upconversion and this is a prime example.

How bad is bad? Well for someone like me, I'll notice the problem and it makes it so I can't watch. I can't watch a DLP TV or Projector that isn't a 3 chip or LED. I see rainbow effect and always stare at it until I get a headache. I know I'm not like most people so I try not to point out the defects. The real thing is do you like your Panny?

If yes then great. There are however players out there that do upconversion better. Don't however let this make you enjoy your player any less. If it's good for you that is all that matters. I'm also sure others would agree with you.

That is why those shopping should compare for themselves and go with what makes them happy. I mean I know a guy who likes Bose over Martin Logan. If there was only one definate answer then stores wouldn't carry multiple brands.
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