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Default Re: Onkyo drops HD DVD player...

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
I'm not answering with anger and never have, I'm far from angry, I'm just astonished at your attitude & refusal to take any criticism or any willingness to notice there are people with opinions other than yours.

The fact you see my response as anger tells me a lot.

Did you read the story?
That is what we are commenting on, do you have any facts to refute this story or should we just accept your view as the absolute truth?

Yeah I read the story which has no comments from Onkyo themselves. I also know that Onkyo is shipping units here. One of the family businesses is a store, and they are expecting the players next week at the latest. Onkyo reps are saying the numbers will be limited but that has more to do with demand than anything else. It's a high end HD DVD player and the majority appear to buy the cheapest. They never expected to sell high numbers of either side. I feel you should accept Onkyo's word (and press releases) over a poorly written and investigated piece by some small Italian mag.

The Onkyo and Meridian players are not going to make or break the HD DVD camp. It's the $180 you can spend to get a HD player of any kind that is pushing units. Just as the Pioneer and Denon units aren't going to be pushing BD but filling a very small niche.
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