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Default Re: What is the best Blu-ray player on the market right now?

Originally Posted by tigeraudio2007 View Post
How can that be? It sucks majorly at deinterlacing 1080i Blu-ray content and even worse at upconverting standard DVDs. Also, it can't internally decode the new TrueHD and DTS Master HD audio formats. It can only send them out bitstream to a receiver capable of decoding them. While not a problem on my end, most people do not have a receiver capable of this. Then you are SOL and stuck with a core DD or DTS track.

The Samsung BD-P1400 excels everywhere the Panasonic fails.
Read this (linky) about the upscaling.

Keep reading the thread, you will find many owners have no issue as i w/ this players upscaling performance. Really excels?! Look at how many people are dropping the Sammy for the BD30 due it not working properly. Also if you can remember DVD went down this same road when they dropped internal decoding and went to bitstream. This is nothing new in the world of progress, yeah it sucks but it is what it is. Ok the BD30 is the best stand alone if you don't need internal decoding, other than that to me it lacks nothing!
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