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Default Re: Onkyo drops HD DVD player...

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
No you, David, and dolbyblu do the crazy arrogant thing for me. David follows every post I make and rags me for using words correctly just to rag on me. Dolbyblu is obviously on one side and he definately started the name calling and crazy paranoia posts. You on the other hand have answered with anger more than once, and this is just another example.
I'm not answering with anger and never have, I'm far from angry, I'm just astonished at your attitude & refusal to take any criticism or any willingness to notice there are people with opinions other than yours.

The fact you see my response as anger tells me a lot.

Tell me why a sensationalistic post like this
Did you read the story?
That is what we are commenting on, do you have any facts to refute this story or should we just accept your view as the absolute truth?

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