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Default Re: Onkyo drops HD DVD player...

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
You have got to get a grip!!
Are you so self important that you must get indignant if anyone dares to disagree with you? You whine about people calling you names while you just called him a liar & have called other people names.
No you, David, and dolbyblu do the crazy arrogant thing for me. David follows every post I make and rags me for using words correctly just to rag on me. Dolbyblu is obviously on one side and he definately started the name calling and crazy paranoia posts. You on the other hand have answered with anger more than once, and this is just another example.

Answer this:

Did Onkyo drop their HD DVD player?

Is it available in Germany (more than 20 units)? Is it available in the States?

Is there a report about Onkyo abandoning the player that isn't written by some Italian rag (that can't quote Onkyo but refers to the Distributor as stating that Onkyo quit production. Then says Onkyo didn't produce it anyway it's a Rebadge, thus it would be Toshiba producing and just making it with the Onkyo label)?

The truth is they got their player from Toshiba then improved it. This is a practice done by many notable mid fi and hi fi brands from NAD to Krell.

Tell me why a sensationalistic post like this is being compared to one by me with the word "Is," in it that clearly is posing a question and at least has quotes of the CEO of the company behind it?

Perhaps I could have gone about it nicer with David however his recent posts attacking my use of the English language correctly combined with this post amongst others made me respond unkindly.

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