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Default Re: Onkyo drops HD DVD player...

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
Right but you're the one who lied about Onkyo "dropping HD DVD player," when it was the Italian Distributor who wouldn't be importing.

Germany had thousands shipped to them and they're on sale there.

Onkyo did not "drop," HD DVD. However your title implies that and your article only points the Distributor being unable to get a good price. Then implies that Toshiba is the cause.

The cause is simply that the Italian Distributor didn't want to purchase a large enough quantity to get a good price.
You have got to get a grip!!
Are you so self important that you must get indignant if anyone dares to disagree with you? You whine about people calling you names while you just called him a liar & have called other people names.

Your opinion is no more important than anyone else's.
The title of this thread is right except it should say in Europe.
it is no more misleading than your headline "Is Sony preparing to raise a white flag"

If you keep bashing everyones opinion that doesn't agree with you perhaps you should start your own forum where people can join only if they agree with you.

Go to all the parties with unnamed industry heads & oscar nominated directors you want to & pass gossip along as fact but be warned you will be busted.
Your arrogance is really getting old!!

Oh & this quote from the story,
"Onkyo has been in difficulty in positioning its reader (the European list price is 899 euros) and has therefore decided to stop production. The few pieces produced were then redistributed in the various markets and you just know that in Italy came just 11 pieces and did not arrive others, while in Germany have been more fortunate with well 20 pieces and Spain did not receive any."
Sure doesn't sound to me like the Italian dealer didn't order enough!!
It sounds to me like Onkyo decided to stop production!!

Did you just lie about that??

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