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Default Re: Onkyo drops HD DVD player...

Originally Posted by DaViD Boulet View Post
That Italian message indicated that the lack of additional units would affect all of Europe. It also stated that no units were being recalled... just that no additional product would be sent. So Germany already had some units on-course to them and naturally they'd be offered for sale.
Right but you're the one who lied about Onkyo "dropping HD DVD player," when it was the Italian Distributor who wouldn't be importing.

Germany had thousands shipped to them and they're on sale there.

Onkyo did not "drop," HD DVD. However your title implies that and your article only points the Distributor being unable to get a good price. Then implies that Toshiba is the cause.

The cause is simply that the Italian Distributor didn't want to purchase a large enough quantity to get a good price.
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