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Default Re: Helping Audiophile Dealers with the "Audio Room of the Future"

Thx for your input. Pink Floyd is probably my most liked/enjoyed group of all time. As to the componets many of you speak of here, they are way out of my price range. Gee, what it in the interiors of these behemoths that constitute such a high price that do not exist in the mid fi's? Can the parts be that much better, and why have they not entered into the minds of the mid folks? With parts beings so inexpensive in Asia one would think it would be a snap. Perhaps the Blue Ray and HD systems will help bridge the deep canyon in sound between the two? For the average wage earner, something like this is not imaginable or even sensible; on the other hand I like great sounding equipment.

What do you think that Pink Floyd does in their music that moves folks so? They seem almost to be in a particular genre of their own whom others have not touched. Or perhaps one would know of others that also have done so? I have a difficult time and must fight an ADD type of experience when Pink Floyd often uses such long foreplay before entering into the meat of the sound and word melding together. But once they get there I am estatic! Who will carry the torch once Pink Floyd members pass on? The depth of their sound is wonderful. Can't think of the name of their release about a year or two ago; the one in blue, its a double dvd, and I believe it has two eyes on the cover. Anyway I sure enjoyed the experience. It was a particular concert they had given some time back; it was not in HD though.

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