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Default Re: HDMI Connect ???

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
You will be able to use many DVD-A's via HDMI however you will be listening to the DD or DTS soundtrack, a TRUE DVD-A disc will not transmit over the HDMI cable, so you would be short changing yourself resolution of the format for convienence.
HDMI v1.1 includes support for DVD-Audio. The Denon AVR-3806 is HDMI v1.1 compatible. Page 20 of the users manual has the text "A simple 1-cable connection (using a commercially available cable) with a device having an HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) connector allows digital transfer of the digital images of DVD video and other sources, and the multi-channel sound of DVD Audio and DVD Video."

I suspect when you try an SACD you will not have multichannel audio with this setup and will need the analog connections I mentioned earlier.
Absolutely right. Since the Denon is only HDMI 1.1, it won't accept the DSD bitstream over that input. The best you could do is the CD tracks at 44.1kHz/16-bit PCM.

I noticed that there is no spec for the word length/sample rate of the D/A's in the Denon. The dynamic range spec is 96 dB which happens to the the theoretical max of 16-bit PCM. I'll bet the Denon has 16-bit DACs and will truncate 24-bit data from DVD-Audio to 16-bit. So you're still better off using the DACs in the player and connecting analog.
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