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Default Re: Who Bought the Integra DTC-9.8?

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

Actually I have no need for a partridge nor a pear tree, I already have two orange and lemon trees which keep my Vitamin C quota supra normal!

I am curious how the DTC 9.8 does analog. It kind of goes without saying, but I am saying it anyway... that the reproduction of DTS Master HD should of course sound great, even from a lower level processor relative to an ultra high end DTS system.

Please get back to us and give us your feedback as to it's analog capabilities once you've gotten to it!

Tracy and talked about his pop issue tonight on the phone, great to put a voice with the name. Great guy!


That is quite a grocery list you have, Rome was not built in a day you know?! The 9.8 dose analog very well as many owners who owned Anthem, Halo, and Lexicon have praised its 2 ch performance. I'm very happy with the analog performance, music is king with the 9.8!

Here is my review i did back in Aug.

I borrowed AVR's format as guide.
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