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Default Re: My $650k house is now going to be an $850k home

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
I'm with Andrew on the speakers, keep it all in the same company. Close timber match is just that, CLOSE! I take it to the next level and believe in using the same amps for all channels (an axiom I am currently slightly breaking) as that can affect transitions as well, even when using different lines within a manufacturer.

Hell, you bought the SC-1, don't skimp elsewhere and do it half...... well, you know where I'm going. I for one LOVE my Meridian 861, nothing i have found does as well, especially when paired with a Meridian player! Theta is really nice too, not quite as smooth as the Meridian gear to my ears, but very accurate.

So you're saying I shouldn't save money with a Goo Screen with the SC-1?

I really want the Meridian HD DVD player, so I'm hoping to combine that with the new Meridian processor that has HDMI, etc. I'll wait if I have to and use NAD products that I can move to the bedroom after.

I'm going to fly out to Colorado sometime soon to listen to Avalon Acoustics for their "Symbol System," Robert Harley told me I had to audition them so I'm going to get around to it (albeit year or so after being told that).
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