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Default Onkyo TX-SR805 vs. 875

I'm trying to decide between these two receivers for my home theater set-up. Andrew Robinson had a fantastic review of the 805, calling it a juggernaught. He also said the ""differences between the 805 and 875 are more subtle (than the differences between the 805 and 905, which were "very apparent", although he didn't explain in what ways).
The Crutchfied catalog side-by-side review of receiver specs had the only difference between the 805 and 875 was in Video Upconverting (scaling). The 875 "outputs 480p/720p/1080i/1080p via HDMI" whereas this ability wasn't checked off in the 805 so i assume it can't do this stuff, but I'm not sure exactly what that means.
If money is no object (not) i assume one would go for the 875, yes?
Any opinions comparing these two receivers is appreciated.
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