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Default Re: My $650k house is now going to be an $850k home

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
OK, let me share some advice when building a house...

1) It will cost at least 30% more than you expect.
2) It will take up to twice as long as you expect.

If you accept #1 and #1 above, congrats! The SC-1 is sick good!

What does the rest of the HT consist of? Speakers, amps, pre/pro....
Well the home builder is my cousin, and he builds 6 to 10 custom homes a year. So I'm rather sure it won't cost more than I expect.

I know I'm going with Martin Logan Summits as the main and their big center. My subs will be the top of the line ML subs too. For sides I'm thinking ML Scripts or similar. Although a friend suggested going with inexpensive Magnepans for the sides/rears and seems to think the synergy will still be there. That would allow me to put the money saved into the Processor/Amps.

I was budgeted for a Theta Casablanca but I may upgrade to a Meridian unit as I'm told CES will show some HDMI units.

Amps... I'm likely going to go with McIntosh.

I started thinking I'd go Arcam the whole way, but I've slowly started to lean in other directions. I've really got to test the synergy of ML, Meridian, and McIntosh. I know Logans and Macs get along, but not sure how the Meridian Processor would fit in the picture.

All wiring is to be done by Robert Lee's Acoustic Zen lines. Power conditioning will be IsoTek.

I need to find out how much Bob Hodas costs because I might bring him in to help with room acoustics.
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