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Default Re: HD DVD Players Sold Out Nationwide This Weekend - Blu-ray In Trouble?

Originally Posted by DaViD Boulet View Post

"hit or miss" is not "100% factual".

while it's true that not all HD disc players are equals in regards to upconversion, Blu-ray players are hardly "hit or miss" as you mis-characterize. Your choice of words seemed to spin the facts to sound less positive than it really is. Should I start making broad and misleading statements about the load time of HD DVD players to compensate?

The Majority of BD players do an outstanding job of upconverting, and compare admirably with the better Toshiba HD DVD players (as does the PS3). And even those that aren't "reference" upconverters still to a fine job that meets or exceeds the scaling quality built in to most displays.
Yes it's factual. Can you buy a BD player on the market that is actually POOR at upconversion? YES. That would be a "miss." Can you buy a BD player on the market that is good (and as good as the Toshiba)? YES. That would be a "hit," and you also have other players that fall in between.

I misrepresented nothing, and all this does is show what extent you will go to defend a format even when no defense is needed. There was nothing wrong with the statement but what you read into it. I meant nothing more than there are both good and bad upconverting BD players. It's not a strike on the format at all, but a warning that he should do research before choosing a player. He should choose a player based on his own criteria but be aware that all aren't created equal even if priced similarly.
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