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Default Re: Helping Audiophile Dealers with the "Audio Room of the Future"

Originally Posted by jtmjnow View Post
Tell me, how many times have you been completed involved with an ambiance, enveloping, transcending, all encompassing sound field, whereby you are so content with the psyco-acoustic enviornment that you wish only to remain there in the sound for hours on end?

I saw Pink Floyd at the Live8 Concert and felt that way...

In a homes, etc. one was the all Meridian system that Blockbuster HQ has. I had a pretty good system at one point myself. The Transparent Audio listening room is amazing, and being at Gale's house and listening to the Martin Logan Statement system is one of those moments.

I heard a VTL amp combined with Avalon Acoustics speakers that made me want that system more than anything. The Speakers were $35k, the amp was $20k, The VTL Preamp was $20k, and the Linn CD player was $10k.

So for $85,000 I could have sound that was just as amazing as that Pink Floyd experience. Just for an fyi the redbook CD I was listening to was Darkside of the Moon and it was breathtaking. So much so that I thought a decent SACD setup might be better, but it wasn't as enveloping.

Maybe someday I can get that setup for my own. I'm seriously considering putting a VTL S-400 ($10k), Avalon Acoustics Opus ($15k), and an old Wadia CD/Preamp off Audiogon if I can find one, in my new home. Just for music, in a room just for music (and acoustically designed for the purpose, this part has been done, the equipment not yet). So I may have a "cheap," version of that for around $27k.
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