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Default Re: Pioneer Kuro Plamsa HDTVs

I stopped by a local HT dealer and Pioneer staff folks we there demoing the new Kuro flat panels. I wish more dealers would do this, because you get straigh answers. Plus, they gave me a Kuro t-shirt.

Anyway, these are the best displays I have seen. The Pioneer guys said that this display uses new technology to produce better blacks, which intern improves overall color and detail. Here is the description that they gave me on the new technology. What they said is that plasma "pixel" is excited by a charge to produce colors. The problem is that the plasma "pixels" still stay in an excited state even when they are "off" for blacks, emitting some light. That is why blacks never really get black.

What they told me is that the Kuro displays use a new technology that reduces the amount of charge when the "pixel" is off by 80%, hence reducing the amount of light output of a "pixel" that is off by 80%.

They had several of their old plasmas and other brands of plasma right next to it. The differences were not subtle. The Kuros looked fabulous.
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