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Default Re: Helping Audiophile Dealers with the "Audio Room of the Future"

[QUOTE=Lotus;6734]He was clueless. To suggest that a high end Onkyo can compete with separates from even NAD is ludicrous. I myself have heard side by side A/B comparisons and while the Onkyo might have some things going for it, it can not compare with the sound from the separates. There are many reasons for this.

Totally agreed. I used to work at a place that had the flagships for Denon, Pioneer Elite, Sony ES, Yamaha switchable to a pair of Martin Logan's. When presented with some demanding music (kettle drums on the Crouching Tiger soundtrack comes to mind), they all ran out of capcitance. All except the Yamaha that is. That being said, when driven by a Krell amp (or even a B&K receiver we had), it all sounded great. No problem. Now if sheer abilitly to deliver sound is in question for mid-fi gear, then the quality performance of higher end gear shouldn't even be questioned. Not sure if that makes sense. hope it does.
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