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Default Re: Helping Audiophile Dealers with the "Audio Room of the Future"

Hi Lotus,

Thank you for your feedback. I plan on checking into your above mentioned high end items; I do think though that the wire issue is a little far out for me. I did go into Home Depot awhile back and picked up fifty or a hundred yards of nice see through thick wiring and don't know if it's making a difference in the sound. Tell me, how many times have you been completed involved with an ambiance, enveloping, transcending, all encompassing sound field, whereby you are so content with the psyco-acoustic enviornment that you wish only to remain there in the sound for hours on end?

I heard NAD way back in the early seventies at Century Music in San Jose, CA and was impressed with the nice sound. I had heard, not sure how true it is, that NAD changed hands once or twice; is it still the Company that it use to be?

Also, I read recently that those selling so called high end equipment are purchasing them from China, "like most everthing else", and buying them at a savings so huge, and then peddling them off to us Americans for five times the price? What's wrong with this picture?

Note: I recently purchased the brown colored Zune 30GB player for my wife for Christmas; I purchased it for 100.00 dollars roughly and it really sounds terrific. All that needed to be done was a software upgrade and it would have equalled the newer one's released. I belive the savings were between fifty to a hundred dollar or more. The wi fi capabilities are great and it has a super good FM tuner inside. The screen size and the definition of picture are super.

Here's wishing you and all the
philes the very best Holidays and
a prosperous New Year 2008.

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