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Default Re: HD DVD Players Sold Out Nationwide This Weekend - Blu-ray In Trouble?

Originally Posted by xsavoie View Post
Unless I'm mistaken,HD DVD players can play all regular DVD'S plus HD DVD'S.Since the Toshiba HD DVD players now don't cost much more than a good regular DVD player,and hopefully this Toshiba is a good HD DVD and regular DVD player,it's a win win situation for the consumer as far as I am concerned.The consumer can always buy a Blue Ray DVD player later on when the prices go down.By the way,do some Blue ray DVD players play regular DVD'S.

BD players play regular DVDs. The Toshiba players are amazing upconverting DVD players and some of the BD players are hit and miss on this. However you're right for $170 street right now you can get a really nice upconverting DVD player that just happens to play HD DVDs.
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