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Exclamation The Fifth Element Blu-Ray upgrade

As many of you know The Fifth Element was a disapointment on Blu-Ray, well it seems that Sony listened to the complaints & will re-release a remastered version that should be of much better quality & will exchange your original copy for the remastered version.

Here is the post made by Paidgeek (a Sony employee?) on the AVS forums about the excghange program.

Please see below for the contact information to exchange your original copy of "The Fifth Element". The new disc can be easily identified by the additional information on the top edge of the disc which states "BD RMSTRD".

Our customer service department has been notified about this program and will assist you. Please be patient if you cannot get through right away (this sort of program is out of the ordinary), or better still, use email as the phone lines may be very busy for the first day or so.

Phone: 800-860-2878
Email: has The remastered version avalible for pre order with a July 17 release date.

I don't really see any reason to keep my original Blu-Ray version of this movie when a better version will be avalible (plus I already have the original DVD & superbit versions) so I'll be shooting them an email.
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