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Default Re: another newbie with lots of questions

Originally Posted by enormo View Post
Many people are reporting audio latency to the tune of 50ms. Apparently there are three processing chips in the 805 each slowing down the delivery of the audio by ~15ms. From what I can glean the severity of the lag depends on the source. For most DVD sources and Sat/Cable sources the delay isn't noticable. But there are certain channels and shows where it rears its ugly head. It's also problematic for video games where audio queues drive the gameplay (read: Guitar Hero) For most people the latency does not seem to be an issue but a few have returned the unit because it's affected their particular usage scenarios. I'll probably still end up getting one. Personally, I can not tollerate lips and voices not syncing up. Takes me out of the movie going experience. But 50 ms??? Seems like it should be negligable.
This is the case with a lot of receivers out there. You can set individual audio delay settings though for each of your sources. I have never had a problem with DVD, HD DVD, or Blu-ray. As for Cable, standard definition channels are perfectly fine. Most high-definition channels are fine as well. There are a select few that are way off.

FYI, 50ms in delay is MAJOR not neglible. Try it on your receiver and tell me you don't find your audio way out of sync.
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