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Default Re: another newbie with lots of questions

Originally Posted by enormo View Post
The 805 sounds like a great reciever but I dug around a bit and one knock on it was that it doesn't actually upconvert signals to 1080p.

Namely here:

and specifically here:

Are these sources correct? Could you help clarify?
The Onkyo 805 can input an output 1080p via HDMI. If you are using component video input you can input 1080i via component and yes it will output via HDMI at 720p, but hey let's not be too picky: 1080i vs. 720p seriously now. I don't know why the Cnet review would talk about 1080p via component cable. Outputting devices (ie: HD DVD, cable, satellite, Blu-ray), none of them allow for 1080p via component cable. While it is possible, the CEA has nixed the ability of 1080p over component because it would be too easy to violate copyright. Nevermind us legally abidding consumers that would like our HD equipment to work instead of losing the HDCP handshake.

it sounds like you are fine as both of your sources are connected via HDMI.
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