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Default Re: Helping Audiophile Dealers with the "Audio Room of the Future"

Originally Posted by jtmjnow View Post
Yes Deacon,
I agree that the higher end mid fi's may very well be the choice in the future. Sure its generic and somewhat fast food/shuffle off/cafeteria type of stores that don't necessarily cater to the whims of the more well heeled-a___ compulsive few; now with that said, I once spoke with a very pragmatic, level headed, mid-fi kind a guy whose well respected in the audio business and owner of, who once told me that any flag ship model lets say of Onkyo or the like, is just as good as any group of separates one can throw together. Wouldn't it be great if both the high enders as well as the mid folks could gather some examples from each side of the fence, to A/B together. But of course as far as I've seen this doesn't happen; one would have to dismantle their many miles of wires and drag them into either or. Note: I have only heard once or twice in my many years, exceptional sound, that had totally enveloped me and drew me into a time and place where I wanted to remain; and I would venture it was perhaps the acoustical enviornment more than anything else.
He was clueless. To suggest that a high end Onkyo can compete with separates from even NAD is ludicrous. I myself have heard side by side A/B comparisons and while the Onkyo might have some things going for it, it can not compare with the sound from the separates. There are many reasons for this.

I know well respected members of this business who think that there is no audible difference between lamp wire or $20K worth of Transparent, Kimber, Acoustic Zen, etc.

I've been told I'm hearing what I want to hear for years.

I know differently and have been involved with many double blind tests. There is a difference in sound through out, but rest assured if you spend big money on a system from say Theta, Meridian, or Mark Levinson you will be getting brilliance.

Personally, I think Meridian is the best sound you can get right now. However I'd settle for Theta at 2/3rds the cost.
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