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Dave Moritz
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Default Re: What's you dream system?

Hello Kenny T

My dream set up would use 7 mono blocks for front channels and rear channels. The side surrounds would have 1 pair of speakers on each side of the room. Thats how I got the 9 speaker configuration. And then dual 18" pro JBL subwoofers to make sure the bass is the equivalent of the Death Star, LMAO. I have owned a McIntosh MX-130 in the past and I loved it. My HT got down graded after I got married, but now I am trying to build it back up now. And I figured that the McInosh 1200 watt rms mono blocks should be able to reproduce any frequency at any volume down to .1 ohms.

I wish I had that system or something close to it with a 200" screen. I would be in HT heaven.
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