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Default Re: Best sounding DVD-Audio discs

Originally Posted by David DelGrosso View Post
I was very fortunate to be able to hang out in the studio during that mixing session, and the enthusiasm expressed by Brian May was VERY inspiring. He literally jumped around the studo in constant joy, as Elliot Scheiner masterfully "painted the entire room" with these complex arrangements.

Yes I own a copy and it is incredible, showing what CAN be done. I'd like to keep Elliot Scheiner, John Kellog, etc busy whipping up more 5.1 DVD-A releases.

So why hasn't DTS taken advantage of the current dry spell with DVD-A and licensed some album masters to feed hungry DVD-A consumers?

The much-ballyhoo'd EMI release promised catalog releases but to my knowledge only netted 2 wonderful David Bowie titles and The Thrills.

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