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Default Re: TheMoose's Home Theatre

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
The Paradigms sound so much better I've decided not to replace them anytime soon!
That saved me about $4K!!
If I'd have known I wouldn't be replacing the speakers I would have gotten the 4308CI instead, but I'm very happy with the 3808CI!
Ah but now you've entered into dangerous territory. You have a really good receiver that does an above average job with music (unlike most of its Japanese competition) and that means that it can push some pretty good speakers.

Canton, Martin Logan, Linn, PSB, Sunfire, Dynaudio, Totem, Thiel, etc. are all brand names you can actually look at now that have speaker lines that would be pushed rather well by your Denon.

Canton and PSB would be the best bang for the buck probably. Although I haven't heard the new $2k Martin Logans yet... but the Sunfire ribbons are amazing too...
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