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Default Re: Who Bought the Integra DTC-9.8?

After Terence's insistence that the 9.8 is "all that and a bag of chips", I bought one. I'm not that crazy about the cosmetics but it's in my AV closet unseen. It's really not too bad, just not as cool looking as my Sunfire.

Using my HD DVD player, I can not hear any difference between the 9.8 and my Sunfire. The 9.8 does have a little better bass management but I need to dig a little deeper into the EQ settings. So little time to play. Having the OSD is nice. I had to switch inputs on my projector to use the Sunfire's OSD since I had the HD DVD going directly into the projector.

One thing that I do hear is a very quiet, but still audible, pop when the HD DVD changes tracks at the start of a movie. I'm talking about when it goes from showing the studio logo to maybe the previews on a disc. I do not hear it when it changes chapters during the movie itself. Tee, is this the case with yours?

I have yet to hook up my DVD-A/SACD player or do any 2 channel listening.
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