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Default Re: What's the best new AVR on the market?

Originally Posted by sbell View Post
Has anyone compared the Denon 3808CI with the new Yamaha RX-Z11 or even the Onkyo or Sony ES line? I've got a Denon 3805 and I'm considering upgrading. But it seems like the competition is getting fierce.
Well I didn't compare the 3808CI to the Yamaha RX-Z11 because the Yamaha is 3 times the cost of the Denon ($5000 vs $1600)

I did compare the Denon 3808CI to the Sony 5300ES & the Onkyo TX-SR875 & I chose the Denon, Check out this thread for my reasons & more info on the Denon.
I'm very happy with my choice but you should find a good dealer & listen to all your choices with movies & music you are familiar with before making a final decision.
You are correct about competition being fierce, this is a price point a lot of companies seem to want to be in & are releasing some great new products.
I personally looked for 2 years before I found what I wanted in the Denon.
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