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Default Re: HD DVD Players Sold Out Nationwide This Weekend - Blu-ray In Trouble?

Originally Posted by mixter_t View Post
I can't speak for all the people who bought one of the Toshiba A2's or A3's when they were such a good deal, but I can tell you my reasons. I've always been what people call and "early adopter". I was one of the first people around who bought a DVD player. I bought the first Sony DVD player ever produced at about $600, and when there were less DVDs around than there are currently HD or BluRay. I bought an SACD player when the only place you could find to buy the CDs was online. I've wanted a Hi-def DVD player from the day they started talking about them. But having been burned by the Beta vs VHS, and the SACD vs DVD Audio wars, and the obvious repeat of those in the new HD-DVD vs BluRay war, I wasn't in a hurry to spend the money on a player, much less $30.00 discs! But....then the Walmart deal! At $98.00 it was a no brainer! Also, I am a subscriber to Netflix and they carry both HD-DVD and BluRay discs for rent at no extra cost. All you do is tell them that if the title is available in HD-DVD or BluRay, ship that format, otherwise just ship the normal DVD. So for me, I couldn't care less if they don't wise up and drop the prices of the software as long at Netflix continues to offer them I'm set. I've got a great HD-DVD at player, (the A2 at walmart for $98.00), and I can watch any HD-DVD title whenever I want simply by putting it in my queue. If or when the BluRay players come down to a sane price, like $199.00, I'll buy one. But as long as they want $399.99 to $499.00, and up for them they can keep them! DVD was slow on the beginning when the players were expensive and DVDs cost upwards of $30.00. But when the price of the players dropped under $200 and the DVDs dropped to under $20.00 the whole DVD market skyrocketed!
Very well said. I have a PS3 and an HD-A1 (A30 on the way) and i have to say that while HDDVDs worked from day one and movies like Riddick and POTO rocked solid in PQ, the BD launch revealed poor picture quality movies obviously visible on my 110" screen.

In fact i sold both my BDP9000 BD and Sony SACD players after i got the PS3 and saved enough to upgrade the PJ.

By now the quality of BDs has improved a lot (OMG Apocalypto just looked fabulous a few weeks ago) but the players remain expensive. OK $399 PS3 is a deal, especially that it does DSD over HDMI for SACDs.

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