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Default Re: Shop on Black Friday... What did you get!

My wife and her daughter left the house before 4AM, I've not seen anything they bought....

The Ellenton outlet malls, a place I rarely find anything any way at, opened at 12:01 AM Friday, I know of people who rented hotel rooms to be there. Apparently the traffic was so backed up that the last highway mile took over 45 minutes to drive!

I can't imagine fighting that!

A good friend of mine brought up another interesting point, the #1 thing to buy on BF are electronic goods, the #2?? Gift Cards! Why the hell would you go early for them?? Like the stores are ever going to run out of them!

I wish I could sell gift cards! What something like 50% of them never get used at all or in time... Great scam really, you pay for them, the store never has to cash them, well, doesn't cash most of them! Sounds more like retail lottery than sales to me....
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