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Default Re: SACD and DVD-Audio, Doomed Formats?

So much to say....

henry33--> Sit in a vehicle with a sound system such as the Acuras. It is tough to go back. And, lack of CD ability is the major reason I returned the LG. Unbelievable! Read on about the LG's strength...

kennyt--> when the LG combo player was playing the DVD-A disk, my display said Dolby Digital, and the demo disk made be believe it was not the Denon 3808CI fooling me. My Panasonic would play them, but the manual said it was 2-channel PCM only. (I wish I could be more definitive about it. Perhaps looking at the manuals for each would resolve it.)

deacongreg--> Amen! I do hold out hope for a unified player.

CharlyD--> Yes, the US is behind in broadband connection speed. Possibly because we have a couple of hundred (thousand) times the area to cover, possibly because our copper has been around for a heluva lot longer, and is not as pure as the new stuff going in in Japan and the Republic of Samsung.
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