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Default Re: Shop on Black Friday... What did you get!

I did get out to Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, and Fry's today looking for deals on both HD DVD and BD titles.

Best Buy really went out of their way to change their "Next Gen," aisle, and it looks sweet, but the cost was prohibitive. No real deals on Software, $25 to $30 a title. Wal-Mart was better with a few $15 titles, some $20 titles, and the rest $25. Wal-Mart had the coolest display of the bunch, having a large square shaped exhibit with each "wall," of the square a nice 1080p flat screen display showing either HD DVD or BD, with both having equal floor space. Fry's was just expensive.

Target on the otherhand was a treasure trove of great deals. A lot of $15 titles, and the rest were $20. I spent around $600 at Target just on software.

The interesting thing was Paramount titles on BD were priced at Target $30 or $35. When I asked a guy in a red shirt he said his boss changed their price because once they're gone, they're gone. Wow a smart manager at a Target... who'd have thunk...
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