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Default Re: Poll Of The Week: Does "Spider-Man 3" Blu-ray Play On Your Player?

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post

I like your disclaimer. Don't worry - its not the AVS Forum. You aren't likely to get your head bit off here for supporting one format over the other!

I too own both as do nearly EVERYONE on my staff. Picking sides is stupid with the prices this low. I am an HD fan - on EITHER format as long as the content is good.

Welcome to the forum!!!!
I've officially joined the party myself. I was helping test out the new Samsung Combo player, and I'm going to have one for myself hopefully next week. I was really impressed with both formats looking great.

The one box solution for me is worth the $650 or so it cost me. Which happens to be about what two 1080p units would cost together if I found some good deals. I know it's going to cost most people $900, but I'm sure it will street around $800. For $800 I think it's an amazing unit.

Are you guys going to review it?
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