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Default Re: SACD and DVD-Audio, Doomed Formats?

I just discovered this thread and am surprised to find that, even with all these postings, there is no mention of distribution of hi-rez content without physical media (disks). Even today, you can download 24-bit, 96kHz, multichannel music content over the internet, store it on a RAID drive in your closet, and render it at any location in your home with a network connection with all the quality of a prime DVD-A disk spinner. Of course, these files are huge and can require significant download times even with broadband connection, but the data rates to the home are continuing to get faster. The US is far behind many other countries in this regard as many other locations (e.g. South Korea) have data rates ten times what's available here.

I completely agree with the frustration expressed in this thread about how poorly the AV manufacturers have performed in providing easy-to-use, state-of-the-art devices for rendering hi-rez, multichannel audio content. Other than a hi-end Media Center PC, I don't know of any device that could access hi-rez, multichannel content on a network server and play it. Boxes like the Transporter are great, but they're only two channel and can't be integrated into an A/V system (no DD or DTS decoding).
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