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Angry Re: SACD and DVD-Audio, Doomed Formats?

Some may disagree about whether there is enough inventory of dvd-a`s, BUT LIKE i`VE BEEN SAYING, AND YOU GUYS MAYBE TIRED OF ME SAYING IT, those of us with high res inventory, have it, like it, want to play it, should be able too play it, but may or not be able to play it.
Or, we have 4 or 5 machines in our already crowded racks with eject buttons to play a CD.

That my friends is where the problems lie. No unity, no compromise, more confusion, more units to buy, no standards, so we have what we have now. When, When is the high end community going to understand that this is not the way. So, if you got it like that, you have a cd player, dvd player, sacd or dvd-a player, or universal player, and now either a Blu-Ray player, or Toshiba HD DVD player, or both, or a combo player. And with all these sources, not ONE OF THEM will play all of them. You do the count and the math.

We have not mentioned the rest of the system. This lack of uniformity will never bring other clients to embrace the high end. Add in the software and firmware updates, it just lends itself to more chaos. So, people say, to heck with this, let me by my I - pod, go on Limewire and download illegally some good ole` music in nasty mp3, put on my earbuds and keep it moving.
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