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Default Re: iTrax now online (Finally!)

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
How is ITrax and Music Giants different?
Music Giants offers a wide range of major studio releases for download in WMA Lossless format. A small subset of these releases is also available in available in what Music Giants calls "Super HD" which they claim is "encoded at a much higher quality than a normal lossless audio track". These Super HD releases are available in 2 or 5.1 channel mixes and some of these tracks are available without DRM. The majority of their offering is available in a format described as "HD Stereo" which is defined in their FAQ as CD quality and all are wrapped in DRM.

All content available from iTrax is available in at least 24-bit 96kHz formats and DRM is never involved. Although the content offerred at iTrax represents only a few obscure artists, I understand that they are seeking to carry additional high-resolution audio from other sources.
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