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Wink My Dad's remote - saving thanksgiving audio on the old SDTV

Oh man.

I just got back from Scottsdale from Thanksgiving at my Dad's house. His theater is a MESS. He knows it and we are working on a plan to fix it but I got a chance to be the remote hero with his system.

For weeks he has been complaining that the audio was off on his system and when I got there - it was. Seemed like a lipsynch issue but it was more weird than that.

He has a Marantz version of the Pronto remote that works his TiVo driven SD theater system. While that remote in its current configuration is a little out of date (I like the hand held Crestron better for about $700) that remote with a little help from time to time (like having to manually switch the inputs on the TV) worked pretty well. BUT - he loves to channel surf using the old SD TiVo remote. I noticed that the volume was up to about 4 bars - not very loud - on the TV and the audio was ALSO being controlled through the receiver via the Marantz. Simply using the TiVo remote to bring the TV audio down to zero solved the problem and made me a Thanksgiving AV hero.

Now I need to redesign his system which is in a small nook that makes for a difficult installation. I think we can get a 60 inch KURO in there for starters.
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